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Installation Problem (fix)

>Can some one help me Instaling Rtems-4.0.0..What i did was configured
>then a make all comand.I am getting an error such as
>cd build-tools/scripts; make
>creating ../install-if-change
>sed: can't read ./../install-if-change.in: No such file or directory
Going back some time, I had this problem under slackware linux.
The problem has something to do with autoconf but I dont know what.
I fixed the problem as follows:
In make/rtems.cfg
%: %.in
#       @subdir=`echo $(srcdir) | sed -e "s%$(RTEMS_ROOT)%%g"`; \
#       cd $(PROJECT_ROOT) && CONFIG_FILES=".$$subdir/$@" \
#       CONFIG_HEADERS= $(SHELL) ./config.status

%: %.in
#       @subdir=`echo $(srcdir) | sed -e "s%$(RTEMS_ROOT)%%g"`; \
#       CONFIG_FILES="$$subdir/$@" \
#       CONFIG_HEADERS= $(SHELL) $(PROJECT_ROOT)/config.status

Autoconf may make things easier when systems are configured the same but when
things are different then it takes a lot of effort to get things going.

Maybe joel can shed some light on where the configuration process has gone wrong.

I upgraded make and autoconf and reran the install but still requires the above mod
to get it to run.