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A20 delay

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, VALETTE Eric wrote:

> >>>>> "aleksey" == Quality Quorum <qqi at world.std.com> writes:
> aleksey> On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> aleksey> Patch is attached. It proved to be that no changes were necessary
> aleksey> vs original patch I had submitted because 'delay' is a local symbol 
> aleksey> in ldsegs.s .
> Except it does not work for us...

As far as I understand previous patch I submitted was corrupted
when merged with recent snapshot. Are you referring to something else ?

Before submitting this patch I renamed delay in the ldsegs.s 
into delay_unc and made fresh build from sourcess with network
enabled - everything was resolved. So, if you are some how manged 
to call this function from outside ldsegs.s it seems like your 
local problem.

Unfortunately, (I do not know why) I somehow lost access
to new snapshots and all my patches are verified against
rtems-4.0.0 + timer.c patch.

>   /  `                   	Eric Valette