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SH-2 snapshot patch

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Joel Sherrill wrote:

> What is the trick to getting patches/diffs which don't result in
> spurious
> cvs ID diff's? 

If you mean for all unchanged files, I expect it's because this was a 'cvs
diff' of my working directory against the repository version of the

I expect those files which showed differences, but no "$Id: " line, were
those in which I had a modified working file which had not yet been 'cvs
commit'-ed, hence the revision code in the working file matched that of
the repository copy. I.e., that line of the files was identical. ("_Bad_
programmer - should 'commit' first, to protect patches!") Those files
which had not been modified, then matched at whatever '-r' level I had
compared them -- coincidentally in this case, '', where 'cvs'
started them out.

Naturally when I 'tar' all [non-"CVS/*"] files to a temporary directory
and 'diff' against a snapshot, there is an "$Id: " line for each and every
file, due to my having 'commit'-ed the source tree into my repository,
thus updating all file's '$Id: 's.

Was that what you had expected?

Cheers -

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