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SH-2 snapshot patch

Hi -

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> "John M. Mills" wrote:

> > No other sample tests ran: they all hung up on the polled-output driver's
> > failing to return a 'ready' flag, though this apparently worked in both
> > 'hello.exe' and 'hello_g.exe'. Any ideas why 'hello' should be different
> > from the other 'tests/samples/*'?

> Hello uses only the console device driver and does not configure the 
> clock tick device driver.  So if you are using polled IO, then you
> are not getting interrupts of any sort.  

Actually the picture is improving, probably as I'm cutting in Ralf's
suggestions. 'hello', 'base_sp', and 'ticker'** seem to (generally) work.
'unlimited' runs 'TEST1' up through 3 tasks, and starts 6 tasks in
'TEST2'. 'paranoia' does not give any output #8-<. 'minimum' does not run,
but I don't think it's expected to.

 ** Well, I don't really think 'ticker' is running right - I will look
 at the SH-1 code as suggested.

> The answer is VERY simple. :)

Everything in this business is simple, ... after the fact. I haven't got
as much running as I had in 4.0.0, but it seems to be coming together, and
(naturally) a bit more quickly the 2nd time.


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