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SH-2 snapshot patch

Greeting -

I found the problem which prevented opening 'dev/sci1' (the default
console) with the 'gensh2' (sh7045) BSP. Both SCI ports were being
initialized against the same minor device number: '0'. When I tried to
open minor-device '1', it naturally crashed. Fixing that one value in the
'sci_device[]' array solved the problem and allowed 'hello.exe' to run.

No other sample tests ran: they all hung up on the polled-output driver's
failing to return a 'ready' flag, though this apparently worked in both
'hello.exe' and 'hello_g.exe'. Any ideas why 'hello' should be different
from the other 'tests/samples/*'?

I attach a unified cvs 'diff' correcting the 'sci_device[]' structure and
a couple of trivia. Please let me know if there is a preferred way to
provide this type of patch, and also if the patch can be extracted
properly - it had a long trip.

Thanks -

  John Mills, Sr. Software Engineer
  TGA Technologies, Inc.
  100 Pinnacle Way, Suite 140
  Norcross, GA 30071-3633
  e-mail: jmills at tga.com
  Phone: 770-441-2100 ext.124 (voice)
         770-449-7740 (FAX)
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