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Snapshot problem - comparing SH-1 and SH-2 verions

"John M. Mills" wrote:

> Hello -
> "A funny thing happened on the way to ..." rtems-19991203 for the "gensh2"
> BSP (Hitachi SH-2, aka 'sh7045'): the polled-console driver from my
> patched 4.0.0 version (now 'c/src/lib/libcpu/sh/sh7045/sci/sci.c') now
> crashes me at 'fopen()', and doesn't work.
> I see a lot of work was done on the 'sh7032' and many of the same changes
> were applied [by elfves] to improve the 'sh7045' driver; I would like to
> know from anyone using the 'sh7032'/"gensh1" code, whether that console
> ('/dev/sci1') is working.

FYI: That code is poorly tested (almost not), therefore I expect it not to
work and have disabled it by default. I have only added it to the snapshot to
give somebody besides me to debug/test it, because my personal time
restrictions currently do not allow me to test/debug it. Sorry if this might
cause confusion.

> If so, I will pull the 'sh7045' driver into line
> with the 'sh7032' version. I would also be happy to hear from other
> 'sh7045' users, so I can trouble someone other than Ralf C. with my
> incessant questions. (Even Ralf's and Joel's patience must have limits
> &;^).



Ralf Corsepius
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