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Termios & /dev/console & /dev/ttyX ---- follow up

From: Rosimildo DaSilva <rdasilva at connecttel.com>
To: rtems <rtems-list at oarcorp.com>
Date: Saturday, December 18, 1999 1:42 PM
Subject: Termios & /dev/console & /dev/ttyX

>BSP ==> PC386
>I am trying to understand how "/dev/console" and  "/dev/ttyX" works under

OK,  "/dev/console"  does not follow the standard termios stuff such as
ECHO, non-blocking, etc.  It can be fixed. 

>My goal is to come up with a device interface for the input devices for
>under RTEMS. The devices are:
>   + Mouse ( Serial, PS2 )
>   + KBD
>I am using the termios test in libtests to check the "console" interface.
>It fails miserable for the BSP pc386.
>I am checking the non-blocking or timed  read(), and it does not work.
>I think the code for the PC386 console is incomplete.
>Looks like that the BSP gen68360 is one of the few ones that has this
>stuff implemented correctly. I cannot test it, because I do not have
>hardware for it.
>1. Has anyone used the libtests for termios with the PC386 BSP ?

I've got this working with some changes to pc386 console driver.

>2. "/dev/ttyX" devices on RTEMS ? Is this really available ?
> If yes, where ?
>I have tried:
> fd = open( "/dev/tty1", O_NONBLOCK );
>and this always fail with errno == 2.

These device drrives do not exist. At least, with the snapshot that
I am using 19991117.

I'll wrap up one driver for them ( /dev/ttyS1 and /dev/ttyS2 ).