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RTEMS 19998209 is Available

August 20, 1999

RTEMS 19998209 is Available

This is to announce the availability of RTEMS-19998209.  With this
snapshot, I think we are at a feature freeze point for a 4.1.0
release.  If you feel like arguing that, I am sure you will let me
know. :)

This snapshot includes a handful of major items and a number of minor items
that you can look in the changes list for.  The major items are:

  + Switch to ELF, gcc 2.95.1, etc. for nearly all targets
    m68k-rtemself and sh-rtemself are there but not the default.
    i960 has no RTEMS ELF target yet.
  + The first item was a big part of improving the C++ support.
  + RTEMS is much further on the automake road.  This is a
    necessary step in separating the BSPs from the main tree. 
  + PowerPC Remote Debugging support.
  + NEW Ada Examples tar file.  This is a good home for the port
    of the Sockets binding. :)

I encourage everyone to help grow the FAQ and get a public release
out the door.  The time is right. :)

I am sure there are things I have forgotten to merge or otherwise include
in this snapshot.  Please let me know if there is anything missing and I
will take care of it.

I am very sure the the Outstanding Issues section has items in it which 
should be considered closed.  If you can let me drop something off this
list, please tell me it is closed to your satisfaction.

I am keeping this as a running list of major enhancements for a
release notice.  :)

Major functional enhancements since 4.0.0 include:
    + Addition of libchip
    + Addition of remote debug server
    + Multiprocessing is now a configure time option
    + Build tree now uses automake for native tools
    + Smaller Application Executables!!!
    + XON/XOFF flow control support added
    + mpc821 support added
    + i960HA support added
    + Addition of the following BSPs:
        - Technologic Systems TS-1325 (i386ex) BSP
        - DY-4 DMV177 (PPC603e) BSP
        - eth_comm (mpc860) BSP
        - Motorola MVME167 (68040) BSP
        - Vista SCORE603e (PPC603e) BSP
        - Radstone ppcn_60x (PPC603e) BSP
        - Motorola MCP750 (PPC750) BSP
    + Addition of file system infrastructure
        - In-Memory Filesystem
        - TFTP Client Filesystem
    + Network functionality
        - select() supported for socket
        - DHCP support added
        - "tap" functionality added
        - timeout on sockets supported
        - numerous network device drivers
        - Ada "self" optimized
        - Ada interrupt support


Outstanding issues:

  + update grub information in pc386/HOWTO
  + make/custom/*.cfg that sed on \r (David Sotkowitz <sotko at isr.com>)
  + piwg updates from Juan Zamorano
  + tftp filesystem documentation. 
  + merge network include files at install point
  + finish merging mpc505 changes from Sergei Organov
  + wildcards on solaris.
  + m68k BSPs should be checked for .gcc_exc section like dmv152
  + TFTP Filesystem handling of bootp server.
  + TFTP driver/Filesystem needs to account for old handling of minor number.
  + A stripped down version of the IMFS should be used by default.  
    This should only require adding a new FS table with minimal entries.
  + i960 cvme961 does not link cdtest
  + score/cpu/i386 default exception handler invokes task_delete.  This
    violates layering rules and needs to be addressed.
  + Are the HID registers specific to the PPC603e?
  + ftpd in tree but not built  (is this still true?)
  + no lstat test
  + no lstat documentation
  + confdefs.h documentation is better but not complete
  + size script is useless at this point in time

Status information for 19990820 (changes since 19990709):

  Testing: all target compile, simulators run

  Tools: (new patches for everything)

  + gcc 2.95.1
    - new patch, transition to elf, numerous people

  + binutils 2.9.1
    - new patch, transition to elf
    - PowerPC objdump fix from Ian Lance Taylor

  + gdb 4.18
    - new patch including
      - PowerPC remote debug server from Eric V and Emmanuel
      - m68k elf and MVME167 monitor support.  (Charles-Antione Gauthier)

  + gnat-3.11p
    - recognize *-rtemself, *-rtemscoff, *-rtemsaout (Tony A)
    - patch gdb.*/ada-tasks.c to use RTEMS_TARGET

  + build scripts
    - Add -DRTEMS_TARGET to bit_gdb
    - numerous minor cleanups

    + new release of documentation
    + most changes are to the FAQ

    + new collection of Ada examples for GNAT/RTEMS
      - need to add Ada sockets binding
      - need to add Florist instructions
      - will eventually supercede hello_world_ada

  Network Demos:
    + TFTP test now always gives proper "dotted decimal" bootp host (Eric N)

  RTEMS Source:
    + "the big patch" which converted lots of RTEMS tree to automake,
      moved it to more GNU compliance and sets the stage for eventual
      separation of BSPs from main tree. This description really
      does not do the description from Ralf justice but the list of
      small changes is long (Ralf).
       - numerous non GNU make stanzas now obsolete
       - configure.in scripts more distributed in tree
       - rcs stanzas and rcs-clean removed
       - corrected autoconf checks for system V IPC
       - UNIX BSPs now work with glibc 2.1.  One serious problem revolved
         around not installing RTEMS' sys/termios.h and setting -D_BSD_SOURCE
       - make depend should now work.
       - RDBG should be properly handled now
       - much much more

    + powerpc/mcp750
      - mcp750 irq.c typo reported by Jay Kulpinski
        <jskulpin at eng01.gdds.com> (Eric V)
      - dec21140 driver code arious bug fixes (Emmanuel)
      - bug in the mcp750 init code have been fixed (interrupt stack/initial
        stack initialization), BSS correctly cleared (Eric V)
      - remote debugging over TCP/IP is nearly complete (berakpoints,
        backtrace, variables,...) (Eric V)
      - exception handling code has also been improved in order to fully
        support RDBG requirements (Eric V)

    + sparc/erc32 BSP
      - remote debugging fixed (Jiri)
      - erc32 now supports C++ exceptions (Joel)

    + partially merged mpc505 support from Sergei Organov <osv at Javad.RU>
      libcpu is merged but score/cpu/powerpc is not.  His work was based
      on 3.6.0 and was difficult to merge.
    + fixed i386 shared interrupt initialization typo and made i8259s_cache
      only accessed from C. (Eric V)
    + added addr32 directive per suggestion from Ian to fix problem
      reported by Ralf (Joel)
    + deep copy bug for BSP_Configuration which resulted in the
       RTEMS and POSIX API configuration tables getting incremented
       each time the program was rerun (Charles-Antoine Gauthier/Joel)
    + pthread initialization of cpu time budget (Peter Pointer/Joel)
    + MVME167/m68k ELF patch from Charles-Antoine Gauthier
         <charles.gauthier at iit.nrc.ca>
    + P90 0x80 vs. 0xED port pc386 bug report from David Decotigny
      <David.Decotigny at irisa.fr>.  (Eric V)
    + Change of ~ to ! in definition of CONSOLE_USE_POLLED (Jay Kulpinski)
    + init/fini calls readded to bootcard().  (Rosimildo)
    + tftp FS now requires proper IP bootp host information (Eric N)
    + i960 soft reset patch from Jimen Ching <jimen at adtech-inc.com>

Status information for 19990709 (changes since 19990528):

  Testing: nearly all target compile, simulators run

     + Numerous changes to switch to ELF. Notes are:
       Across all tools:
          + added sparc-rtemself
          + added sparc-rtemsaout as alternate name for current sparc-rtems
          + switched sparc-rtems to ELF from a.out
          + added i386-rtemscoff as alternate name for current i386-rtems
          + switched i386-rtems to ELF
          + added sh-rtemscoff

        binutils only:
          + added m68k-rtemself and m68k-rtemscoff
          + added i960-rtemscoff

        tool testing:
          + reduced active testing set to "CPU-rtems" plus sh-rtemself

    + Documentation available in PDF, PostScript, INFO, HTML, and source
    + Added information on confdefs.h to Configuring a System chapter (Joel)
    + Added section to Network manual on SO_SNDWAKEUP and SO_RCVWAKEUP (Ian)
    + Added section on Network driver Makefiles
    + Added section on DEC Ethernet boards
    + Added pathname evaluation section to POSIX User's Guide
    + Filled in POSIX scheduler chapter
    + Filled in POSIX mutex chapter
    + Filled in POSIX threads chapter
    + Added first cut at FAQ
    + Added test on configuring objects with unlimited attribute.
    + Redid top level HTML file.

  Network Demos:
    + Added echoServer2 to select test to test interrupt-ish driven
      socket IO (Ian)
    + STATUS updated (Ian/Joel)
    + VERSION file generated automatically now (Ian/Joel)
  RTEMS Source:
    + autogen now run on image after exported from CVS (Joel)
    + untar README added (Jake) 
    + PowerPC cleanup patch (Eric V)
      - same interrupt disable issue as on i386
      - removed compiler warnings
      - removed libc routines
    + erc32 fixes -- FPU Rev B workaround, interrupt masking, etc. (Jiri)
    + added POSIX routines that manipulate /etc/passwd and /etc/group.
      This is Section 9 -- System Databases -- of POSIX 1003.1b and
      eases building TCL 8.0 for RTEMS. (Ralf/Joel)
    + pid == 0 in sched_rr_get_interval now valid (Joel)
    + added c/src/exec/posix/src/signal.c -- signal(2) (Joel/Ralf)
    + libcpu/powerpc/mpc860 Makefile's reworked to compile after mpc750
      merger (Joel)
    + erc32 gnatsupp changed to ignore console interrupts.  Otherwise
      console interrupts were Ada exceptions (Joel with advice from Jiri)
    + sparc assembly code and linkcmds -- minor fixes to build with ELF.
      Basically SYM() had to be used reliably to account for underscores.
    + i386/shared/irq_init.c enabled interrupts too early (Eric on bug
      report from David.Decotigny at irisa.fr)
    + other include Makefile.in's did not use INSTALL_CHANGE (Ian/Joel)
    + score/include/rtems/score/Makefile.in used INSTALL_DATA not
    + some configure.in's missed substituting RTEMS_CPU (Joel/Ralf)
    + Various problem reports closed:
      - ts_386ex BSP builds
      - there is an acknowledgement for ts_386ex BSP
    + mount() calling sequence changed to avoid need for strings (Gumby/Joel)
    + C++ exception patch to main.c and pc386 bsp_specs, linkcmds (Rosimildo)
    + getdents() warning removed (Gumby)
    + patch to clean up no_cpu/no_bsp configuration (Ralf)
    + ts_386ex.cfg uses $(PACKHEX) instead of $(PROJECT_TOOLS)/packhex (Ralf)
    + score603e.cfg uses $(PACKHEX) instead of $(PROJECT_TOOLS)/packhex (Ralf)
    + score603e.cfg uses powerpc instead of ppc (Ralf)
    + MKDIR variable removed (Ralf).
    + Bug in nearly every cpu/wrap/Makefile.in where rtems.o was trying to
      get installed from two different directories (Joel)
    + Bug in rtems_select.c reported" "sbwait sets SB_WAIT in sb_flags. 
      sowakeup checks it.  Why doesn't socket_select set it?" (Ian/Eric N)
    + rtems_task_set_priority now returns RTEMS_INVALID_ADDRESS when
      the old_priority parameter is NULL. (Joel)
    + no-ctor removed from lib/wrapup.  Now grabbed via libbsp.a (Ian)
    + install in a loop in c/build-tools (Ralf)
    + get_file_system_options in mount.c now uses strcasecmp not strupr
      since the latter is not portable at all (Gumby).
    + PowerPC update from Eric V. and Emmanuel including mpc750 support
      and mcp750 BSP.

Status information for 19990423 (changes since 19990407):

  Testing: all target compile, simulators run

     + new egcs patch
         - mips C++ changes (Catherine Moore + Joel)
         - i386 C++ changes (Rosimildo DaSilva)
     + new newlib patch
         - mprec.c patch (Jay Kulpinski)
         - rtems/sys/time.h properly bracketed (Joel)
     + gdb 4.18 patch ... coming soon

  Documentation: no changes

  RTEMS Source:
     + halt i386 in default exception handler instead of hard loop (Gumby)
     + alignment of memory allocated for mbufs fixed (Jay Kulpinski)
     + panic when out of mbufs removed (Eric N)
     + mips64orion _CPU_ISR_Set_level wiped out level argument
       (reported and fixed by Daniel Kelley <dank at icube.com>)
     + Worked on reducing size of minimum non-POSIX RTEMS application (Joel)
        - moved _Entry_Table from sptables.h to its own file.  sptables.h
          is included from exinit.o and thuse forced every app to have
          every directive.
        - rtems.o is not included in rtems-cpu.rel
        - split core Thread Handler into one routine per file 
        - split ALL Classic API Managers into one routine per file
        - size_rtems disabled until file splitting stabilizes
        - adding .o's and not .rel's to ALL libbsp.a files (wrapup/Makefile.in)
        - split erc32 console up to reduce the dependencies [This one may
          have to be done to all BSPs.  Hold off, I may be able to make this
          change in another way that requires less work.]
     + Added RTEMS_REGION_FREE_SHRED_PATTERN to invalidate memory
       when freed (Gumby)
     + Add make-cxx-exe rule for pc386 BSP (Rosimildo DaSilva)
     + cdtest now includes exception test (Rosimildo DaSilva)
     + Added 3C509 driver to pc386 BSP (Rosimildo DaSilva)
     + Removed check for initialized POSIX mutex ID to eliminate random
       in his port of omniORB2 (Joel on report from Rosimildo DaSilva).
     + Removed -fomit-frame-pointer from all i386 BSPs (Joel on
       report from Rosimildo DaSilva)
     + libc_wrapup() no longer cleans the per task reentrancy structure
       (Joel on report from Jay Kulpinski)
     + added nops to i386ex start code to correct 32 bit jmp relative
       offset from .reset section (Erik I)
     + _Thread_Yield now consistently wrapped by dispatch calls (Joel)
     + can now configure stack size of POSIX Init thread (Jiri)
     + mpc821/mpc860 calculated PIT wrong in clock driver (Gunter Magin)
     + more extensions recongized on C++ rules (Joel)
     + tftp filesystem reports errors on open correctly (Jennifer)
     + bug fix in network unit name/number parsing fixed (Eric N)
     + Caching coherency conditional added to pc386/dec21140 (Emmanuel)

Status information for 19990426 (changes since 19990423):

   19990423 snapshot image was broken.  This snapshot replaces
   the RTEMS .tgz and diff files.

Status information for 19990423 (changes since 19990407):

  Testing: minimal

     + new egcs patch
     + new newlib patch

  Documentation: updated (19990423)
    + added unlimited object information to User's Guide (Chris/Joel)
    + added Ada interrupt information to BSP Howto (Jiri/Joel)
    + Network manual now explains -D options better (Eric N/Joel)
    + added first cut at FAQ (Joel)

  RTEMS Source:
     + yield/flash problem report CLOSED.  The problem had subsequently been
       fixed in 4.0.
     + BSP for TS-1325 (i386ex) from Technologic Systems.
       (www.t-systems.com) submitted by Tony R. Ambardar <tonya at ece.ubc.ca>.
     + Added lstat() at request of Erik Ivanenko (Jennifer/Joel).
     + Added C++ wrappers to all top level POSIX API header files.
       Reported by Rosimildo DaSilva <rdasilva at connecttel.com> who
       included a patch for some of the files.  Rest by Joel.
     + added __INSIDE_RTEMS_BSD_TCPIP_STACK__ to simplify
       Makefile changes for drivers (Eric N/Joel)
     + i960ha support added (Jimen Ching <jimen at adtech-inc.com>)
     + Unlimited objects design information added (Chris Johns)
     + ioctl() prototype changed in networking code (Joel/Erik I)
     + c/src/lib/libcpu/i386/cpu.h warning removed (Erik I)
     + Fix make depend since it is a non-standard automake target (Ralf)
     + Reorganized build-tools directory to ease future use of automake (Ralf)
     + Add scitab.c to CLEAN_ADDITIONS in
       c/src/lib/libbsp/sh/gensh1/scitab/Makefile.in (Ralf)
     + Replace some variables in Makefile.in to ease parsing
       Makefile.in's to east automatic generation in future (Ralf)
     + miscellaneous rgdb configuration problems such as
       where a BSP not supporting rgdb on a CPU that did (i386ex)
       would still attempt to build it (Ralf)
     + --enable-gmake-print configure option removed (Ralf)
     + i386ex/startup/Makefile.in installed empty variable name (Ralf)
     + go32/startup/Makefile.in installed something to the void (Ralf)
     + p4600 linkcmds changes to match tool changes
       (Joel with much help from the egcs world :)
     + minor psim linkcmds corrections (Jay Kulpinski)
     + untar.c did not include <sys/stat.h> (Joel/Ralf)
     + papyrus had wrong register in bss clear loop (Brendan Simon/Joel)
     + mpc860 and mpc821 had a bad buffer assignment (Joel based
       on bug report from Nick Simon and Brendan Simon)
     + Added statement to include build-tools/src directory in
       preinstall. (Joel)
     + --enable-tests not honored (Ralf/Joel)
     + More automake prep (Ralf)

Status information for 19990407 (changes since 19990331):

  Testing: minmal

  Tools: no changes

  Documentation: update coming soon

  RTEMS Source:
    + mpc821 support added to score/cpu/powerpc and libcpu/powerpc (Andy Bray)
    + mpc860 was missing some interrupts (Andy Bray)
    + Cleanup in ppc.h (Andy Bray)
    + PPC bsp_specs now treat ecrtn.o as endfile (Andy Bray/Joel)
    + Patch to make the m360 structure available to the debugger (Eric N)
    + Tests not disabled by default (Eric N/Joel)
    + ftpd needed to use htons() on sin_port (Emmanuel)
    + untar added to libmisc (Jake)
    + ftpd patch to cleanup naming as well as add a configuration
      table (Jake)
    + ftpd documentation added to Networking Manual (Jake/Joel)
    + psim and erc32 now install BSP specific tools (Ralf)
    + SPARC in_cksum_hdr turned into inline routine like others (Joel)

  Network Demos:
    + ttcp changes to take advantage of new routines (Eric N)
    + networkconfig.h changed to be bogus information (Joel/Eric N)

Status information for 19990331 (changes since 19990302):

  Testing: More rigorous than 19990210.  Most targets build.
           Some warnings removed. Tests run on simulator.
     + egcs-1.1.2-rtems-diff-19990331
        - limits.h handling (Ian)
     + I have a queue of stuff to merge.
    + XON/XOFF flow control support (Thomas Doerfler)
    + m68k/rtems.S would not assemble for m68000 targets (Joel)
    + unlimited objects patch so sp09 gets the proper
      error when attempting rtems_port_delete(0) (Chris)
    + NE2000 driver patch to add byte wide interface support (Tony Ambardar)
    + shutdown TCP/IP stack routine added (Tony Ambardar)
    + Fixed some POSIX file tests to account for correct error codes,
      new maximum file length (difference between IMFS and global max).
      Report from Emmanuel (Jennifer).
    + pc386 bin2boot did not use binary mode on file
      (Rosimildo DaSilva <rdasilva at connecttel.com>)
    + SONIC driver modifications to use new driver name parsing scheme (Eric N)
    + SONIC driver modifications after port to SPARC target (Jiri)
    + SPARC optimized IP checksum header routine (Jiri)
    + Changed driver name parsing scheme (Eric N)
    + much work from Ralf moving RTEMS toward automake.  The aclocal
      directory is more populated in anticipation of having more
      localized configure scripts in the tree.  RTEMS is now installed
      at the top level of the tool tree instead of under the rtems/
      subdirectory.  This is another step in more closely following GNU
      conventions.  It is needed to help us use automake and ease the eventual
      split of RTEMS into CPU and board dependent libraries.   Pieces of the
      various patches touch nearly every file in build system.  It is
      possible that something broke but Ralf has made very attempt to
      be cautious.  All native tool build directories are now
      automaked. (Ralf) 
    + external fcntl support -- helps sockets greatly (Eric N)
    + new configure.in flagrments to prepare for splitting top
      level configure.in (Ralf)
    + ne2000 driver now supports bootp (Erik I/Ian)
    + README.configure now has info on --enable-rdbg (Emmanuel)
    + unlimited objects patch (Chris)
    + messages changed for disable inlines (Chris)
    + efi332 update (John S. Gwynne)
    + added ftpd server (Jake)
    + lib/Makefile.in did not install rdbg header files (Emmanuel/Joel)
    + rdbg exception processing used wrong constant (Joel)
    + rdbg/Makefile.in accidentally put source in the library (Joel/Emmanuel)
    + i386ex netowrk driver bug fix (Erik I)
    + i386 interrupt handling macros patched (Eric V/Ian)
    + fdopen/fcntl(F_GETFL,F_SETFL) fix (Joel/Jake)
    + IMFS memfile bug for files (Joel/Jake)
    + Added $(CPPFLAGS) to all gcc 2.8 style make-exe rules. (Joel/Ralf)
    + psx04 had test case for ENOSYS and the code is not implemented (Jennifer)
    + SONIC ISR incorrectly installed as RAW handler (Jiri/Joel)

Status information for 19990302 (changes since 19990210):
  Testing: minimal and mainly focused on compilation.
    + gdb-4.17-rtems-diff-19990302
        - remote server (large) code (Emmanuel/Eric V.) 
        - fix for build problem on Solaris.
    + newlib-1.8.1-rtems-diff-19990302
        - NAME_MAX increased from 14 -> 255 to account for full length IP
          numbers in the TFTP filesystem.  Individual filesystems place
          lower limits now. (Jake/Joel/Eric N)
    + No changes since 19990210
      - mpc860 support and eth_comm BSP (Jay Monkman)
      - Motorola MVME167 (68040) BSP (Charles Gauthier)
      - Vista SCORE603e BSP (OAR) 
      - Radstone ppcn_60x BSP (Radstone)
    + newlibc.c initialization of global structure now dynamic (Joel/Charles
    + i386 cache management and DEC Tulip driver (Emmanuel)
    + improvements in i386 interrupt handling macros (Ian)
    + split pc386 network drivers (wd8003, dec21140, and ne2000) into
      individual directories to avoid code bulk (Joel)
    + simplified generation of targopts.h (Ralf)
    + score/headers, score/inline, and score/macros had files left in 
      the wrong directories (Ralf)
    + removed hard-coded paths from make/custom files (Ralf).
    + made make files follow automake and make standards on implicit
      rules and variables.  (Ralf)
    + bsp_specs now handled at c/Makefile level to ease
      automake conversion (Ralf)
    + INSTALL usage now more automake-compliant (Ralf)
    + Corrected use of CPU_CFLAGS (Ralf)
    + mvme167 FP patch (Charles G.) 
    + IMFS now has 32 character long file name while
      NAME_MAX in general is 255 (Jake/Joel/Eric N)
    + tests are now not built by default
    + Ada interrupt support -- specifically HW exceptions (Jiri)
    + POSIX real-time signals had wrong default sigaction (Jiri)
    + removed external handler table, fixed fstat for sockets (Eric N)

Changes between 19990121 and 19990210:
  Testing: Tested thoroughly on the PowerPC using dmv177 and psim.
  Tools: No new patches.
    + RTEMS/GDB manual added to set (Emmanuel/Eric V/Joel) 
    + comments in message.h fixed (Ian/Joel)
    + sonic driver turned into first libchip network driver (Joel/Jennifer)
    + sonic driver works with dmv177 (Joel/Jennifer)
    + patch to fix problem induced by adding select (Eric N)
    + added PowerPC (603e?) specific Internet checksum support (Joel/Jennifer)
    + added volatile to inline asm in i386 in_cksum code (Joel/Jennifer)
    + added comments to opt_debug.h to talk about TCPDEBUG flag (Joel)
    + malloctest fixes (John Gwynne)
    + tftp driver turned into a file system (OAR)
    + split POSIX Threads Manager into multiple files (Joel)
    + split POSIX Signal Manager into multiple files (Joel)
    + Added dump buffer to libmisc (Joel)
    + Debugging sonic driver in dmv177 BSP (Joel/Eric N)
    + bit scripts now check for "." in PATH (John Gwynne)
    + POSIX timers added (Juan Flores)
        - did not incorporate psignal.c patch 
    + psxtimer test added (Juan Flores)
        - does not run

Changes since 4.0.0 and 19990121:
  + updated i386ex network driver (Erik I)
  + main() was being inlined and causing problems with C++ (Chris)
  + insure that a file description was actually open.  This
    error was in a lot of the system calls.  (Ian/Joel)
  + m68360.h enhanced to use standard C types (Eric N)
  + can now build with --disable-posix. <sys/ioctl.h> was in
    posix not libc/include and getpid_r and _kill_r missing
    with POSIX disabled (Jiri/Joel)
  + erc32 spurious interrupt handler actually initialized (Jiri)
  + erc32 data access fault handler improved (Jiri)
  + do not derefence NULL on recvfrom() (Ian)
  + timeout on socket operations (Ian)
  + patch to allow for tapping a socket (Ian/Eric N)
  + select added (Eric N)
  + corrected warning from development version of gas in i386 port (Ian)
  + reorganized src/exec directory in prep for automake
    This actually involved much more than one line allows. (Ralf)
  + removed spurious use of "-g" and "-Wall" in source directories (Ralf)
  + renamed all .s files to .S to conform with GNU conventions
     about preprocessed assembly files (Ralf)
  + added select test to network demos (Eric N)
  + Merged libchip (OAR)
    - Real-Time Clock
    - Serial
  + DY-4 DMV177 (603e) BSP (OAR)
  + gen68360 sio.h deleted (Eric N)
  + i386 gdb stub improved to support new gdb commands (Ian)
  + unix port synchronous IO fixed (Ian)
  + POSIX signals incorrectly required executing running the signals
    extension when signals were cleared that were not set. (Joel)
  + More RAM for PSIM BSP (Joel)
  + Spelling errors corrected (Ralf)
  + Renamed i386 Exception constants (Erik I/Eric V/Joel)
  + efi332 CPU model was incorrect (Peter Mueller/Joel)


Please report any problems you encounter.


Joel Sherrill, Ph.D.             Director of Research & Development
joel at OARcorp.com                 On-Line Applications Research
Ask me about RTEMS: a free RTOS  Huntsville AL 35805
   Support Available             (256) 722-9985