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BDM Interface for Motorola 683xx MCU and GDB Debugger

I found this document on the Web.  It might be useful for your FAQ Joel.


Brendan Simon.



The BDM Interface can supply more expensive ICEs ( In Circuit Emulator )
for Motorola 683xx family of processors based on the CPU32 core
( 68332, 68333, 68334, 68336, 68376 and 68340 ). This document tries to
describe the CPU32 BDM interface and its usage with GNU debugger under
the Linux operating system. Some newer members of Motorola MCUs use
similar, but not compatible BDM interfaces, as well. Last section tries
summarize information about these interfaces. 


1  BDM Overview
2  Hardware and BDM Protocol
3  Cable Wiring and Logic
4  GDB and BDM Driver for Linux
5  GDB with BDM Setup 
6  GDB with BDM Usage
7  Detailed GDB Invocation
8  Chipselects Initialization
9  Comparision of Different BDM Interfaces