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BDM M68K FAQ Entry

I think I have finally collected all of the m68k BDM information into a FAQ
entry.  Gunter Magin sent me a great history of gdb bdm support for the m68k. 
I ended up only making passing references to the history.
If there is anything I need to change, feel free to tell me.

MC683xx BDM Support for GDB

Eric Norum (eric at skatter.usask.ca) has a driver for a parallel port
interface to a BDM module.  This driver has a long history and is based
on a driver by Gunter Magin (gunter at skil.camelot.de) which in turn was
based on BD32 for DOS by Scott Howard.  Eric Norum and Chris Johns
(ccj at acm.org) have put together a package containing everything you
need to use this BDM driver including software, PCB layouts, and
machining drawings.  From the README:

"This package contains everything you need to be able to run GDB on
Linux and control a Motorola CPU32+ (68360) or Coldfire (5206, 5206e, or
5207) target through a standard PC parallel port."

Information on this BDM driver is available at the following URL:


Peter Shoebridge (peter at zeecube.com) has ported the Linux parallel port
BDM driver from Eric Norum to Windows NT.  It is available at

The efi332 project has a home-built BDM module and gdb driver for
Linux.  See http://egi332.eng.ohio-state.edu/efi332/hardware.html) for

Pavel Pisa (pisa at cmp.felk.cvut.cz) has one available at

Huntsville Microsystems (HMI) has GDB support for their BDM module
available upon request.  It is also available from their ftp site:

The Macraigor OCD BDM module has a driver for Linux written by Gunter
Magin (Gunter.Magin at skil.camelot.de).  No URLs yet.

Information in this section from:

   * Brendan Simon <brendan at dgs.monash.edu.au>

   * W Gerald Hicks <wghicks at bellsouth.net>

   * Chris Johns <cjohns at plessey.com.au>

   * Eric Norum <eric at skatter.usask.ca>

   * Gunter Magin <magin at skil.camelot.de>

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