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.gcc_exc Section

> I have just tailored the gen68360 BSP to support my hardware and am
> executing the sample apps to make sure all is well.  All the apps (hello,
> ticker, base_sp, paranoia) work well but there are issues with cdtest.
> Linking cdtest yields a "warning: no memory region specified for section
> '.gcc_exc'.
> I modified linkcmds and created a section for *(".gcc_exc").  Running the
> program outputs the letter 'H' to the console, then it stops.
> I tried putting .gcc_exc in Ram and in Rom, but the results are always the
> same.
> I have a feeling I'm overlooking something but I can't figure out what it
> is.  Any suggestions?

>>  Can you change printf to printk?  or can you change termios to use
>>IO ?

The problem is not with printf, as it works for all the other samples.  I
think my real problem is how do I set up the linker script?  I just don't
know what this section does, what it contains, or where is should be located
(Rom, Ram).  It only appears when I build applications in C++.  

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