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HTML posters, please read this

I'm with ya.  Joel, can we get something automated that detects
HTML tags and then mails them:
   "You have been removed from the list for using HTML.  Please
    email us explaining how you think you can behave yourself
    and we will put you back on the list"


On Thu, Aug 12, 1999 at 05:40:12PM +0200, VALETTE Eric wrote:
> >>>>> "Charles-Antoine" == Charles-Antoine Gauthier <charles.gauthier at iit.nrc.ca> writes:
> Charles-Antoine> The number of posts in HTML seems to be increasing on this list and
> Charles-Antoine> others. I am now sufficiently annoyed that I have decided to voice my
> Charles-Antoine> complaints.
> Charles-Antoine> My problem is that my mail client does understand HTML! If it did not,
> Charles-Antoine> it would decode the plain text mime enclosure, and I would be happy.
> Charles-Antoine> However, it does read the HTML mime enclosure, and decodes it right! The
> Charles-Antoine> problem with a lot of posting is that the font is set too small in the
> Charles-Antoine> message!
> I second this as I also use a mail reader that does not understand mime...
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