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HTML posters, please read this

>>>>> "Charles-Antoine" == Charles-Antoine Gauthier <charles.gauthier at iit.nrc.ca> writes:

Charles-Antoine> The number of posts in HTML seems to be increasing on this list and
Charles-Antoine> others. I am now sufficiently annoyed that I have decided to voice my
Charles-Antoine> complaints.

Charles-Antoine> My problem is that my mail client does understand HTML! If it did not,
Charles-Antoine> it would decode the plain text mime enclosure, and I would be happy.
Charles-Antoine> However, it does read the HTML mime enclosure, and decodes it right! The
Charles-Antoine> problem with a lot of posting is that the font is set too small in the
Charles-Antoine> message!

I second this as I also use a mail reader that does not understand mime...

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