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Erik's MultiBoot changes work for pc386

>Just wanted to let the list know that I tried out Erik I.'s changes the
>ldsegs.s and linkcmds, and got an ELF image booting with GrUB 0.5.
>I did notice one other oddity, though.  The image would not boot when I
>tried, so I used objcopy to copy from the original executable, which should
>have been ELF format already, and specified an ELF target on the command
>The resulting file was a few bytes bigger, and worked with the boot loader.
>I assume that somewhere the output file is not getting the ELF header added
>properly during the standard make. Which part of the the build would this
>One of the included make files?
>Is this something which has been corrected already with some of the patches
>Rosamilda DaSilva has submitted?
>-- Chris Caudle


Could you e-mail me the changes ?
I'd like to try it myself. I have not tried anything with Grub, because it
did not work before.