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New features

"erik.ivanenko" <erik.ivanenko at utoronto.ca> wrote:
> Just a thought:
> Is anyone interested in loadable device drivers (LDDs) as an RTEMS
> feature? I for one would very much like to see them implemented, as
> they could simplify application development. If LDDs were
> available, things such things as analog_input, analog_output,
> binary_input, binary_output network and console drivers could be
> added/modified while leavig the BSP untouched ( Whenever the BSP is
> modified, a full regression test should really be performed; ie.
> all SPxx / MPxx retested )
> This could impact how the system  allocates the required amount of
> workspace.
> Should this feature wait for file-system support?

Loadable code would be very useful.  I don't think it should be  
limited to device drivers, though.  VxWorks, for example, lets you  
download code and merge it into a running system at any time.

Definitely something that should be in RTEMS-5.x.x   :-)

At some point, though, the required changes may be more than the  
RTEMS structure can handle -- and we'll end up with RTEMS-QNX-1.0.0  
or something similar.......

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