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installing rtems

On Thu, 5 Mar 1998, Geoffroy Montel wrote:

> I run a make install this morning, it just failed at the
> install-if-change point.
> I then realized that install-if-change only fails if destination file
> is read-only. I don't know if it comes from Cygnus too.
> By changing the destination file mode, it's ok

This is probably a bug in CygWin which should be reported.  But I do not
have a problem with you modifying the script to remove the file before it
is copied over.  Not the greatest solution but it is workable and
acceptable to me.  Please report it anyway.

> There was a slight bug when compiling the tests sources -sigh-
> gcc reported stg like : malformed specs file after character 41
> (can't remember exactly but it happened for all the tests sources)

This is probably one of 3 things:

+ same install-if-change problem resulted in a corrupted bsp-specs

+ old (very) gcc version in CygWin does not like our bsp_specs
  The specs extensin feature in gcc was only added way past gcc 2.7.2.x 
  and the format evolved a bit.  But that style has worked for months.  I
  switched to the current specs file format last August according to CVS.

+ The bsp_specs file must end with a blank line. Yes it sucks and it is
  ugly but it has to be that way.  Perhaps a read problem happened which
  sucked the last line incorrectly.

> Anyway, I'm going to install a debugger and test the exe on the board

Good Luck.  I hope to hear something soon.

As general information, I would like to start collecting information on
how people use gdb to remote debug their targets.  For now, since we do
not have RTEMS specific ROM/debug server, the best I can do is to collect
the information and make it available.