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troubles building rtems - first hacks

> No, this is wrong, don't do it! (It is of cause acceptable as a
> temporary workaround for you, but inacceptable in general)
Sorry ....

> What you do is to disable checking for  --pipe in configure.
Yes I know but I don't really understand all the things in makefiles
> To manually check whether --pipe works please try compiling an empty
> file:
> touch tmp.c
> m68k-rtems-gcc --pipe -o tmp.o -c tmp.c

Here it is:

bash-2.01$ touch tmp.c
bash-2.01$ ls
rtems-980219      rtems-980219.tgz  tmp.c
bash-2.01$ m68k-rtems-gcc --pipe -o tmp.o -c tmp.c

> If running configure aborts while checking for --pipe, which it
> shouldn't, I need have more details to fix this.
It aborts!
> Could you please run configure from a virgin rtems-980219 tree and
> me the config.log and config.cache files, which should be generated in
> your build tree.
OK I'll e-mail you private for it!

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