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troubles installing rtems - the sequel part 4

> > > - when doing make all: Dr Watson reports a "conftest.exe" error...
> Who is Dr. Watson?
Dr Watson is a kind of daemon that prevents the computer to reboot
when an
error occured. He tells you that there was an error on a given file
he gives you then the registers states, etc...

> > I am not even sure what conftest.exe is.
> autoconf creates temporary files often called conftest (on unix) in
> directory configure runs. Probably gcc for M$ generates conftest.exe
> of conftest. These files normally get cleaned up after running a
> autoconf test. Sometimes (esp. when interrupting configure runs)
these files
> stay in in this directory, but normally they shouldn't disturb as
they are
> overridden several times -- but how knows.
> Alternatively I can imagine Geoffroy might be trapped by incorrectly
> up PATH, having a conftest.exe in his path.
No, I tested it, I have no conftest nowhere. I think the abort thing
made it
> Just to ask (I don't use DOS/WIN etc.): Does CygWin32 still have the
> PATH-, command line  and environment variable limitations?
No, it doesn't anymore.

> Looks similar to a problem, I once had with gcc-emx gmake -c , which
ran out
> of memory when calling recursive makefiles.I had to run make from the
> toplevel until it breaks and then to cd the subdirectories and run
make again
> (:-). 
> > It looks to be 5 levels done in the make tree.  CygWin could be
blowing up
> > with toomany processes or something similar.
> DOS limits ?
I run Windows NT with 48 Mbytes of memory and there's no more
limitation for
memory size on DOS mode.

And it doesn't come from the levels as I managed to build a
cross-compiler, and
there are a lot of tree levels.

For now I have a really odd and funny thing:
the make all went within this point:

echo library is complete: o-gen68360/librtems.a
library is complete: o-gen68360/librtems.a
cd /rtems-build ; \
    /rtems-build/gen68360/bin/size_rtems gen68360 o-gen68360 \

But then my HD-COPY tool appears! (I have this tool on the path!)
I'll check!



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