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m68k cpu changes


I've just recieved some code (a patch for CF support on 3.6.0) which is
going to cut about a month or so of the time it takes to get a ColdFire
version of RTEMS running and ready for submission. As I touched on in
earlier emails the CF support mucks up a LOT of code in the m68k cpu
directory due to the slightly different way that CF formats exception frames
and the loss of some instruction combinations. I therefore have a lot of
conditional defines in the code. All the stuff I've done and this new code
does is to do an ifdef (m5200) which would obviously have to change to
__MCF5200__ to match the gcc defines. As I'm going to be going through the
code with a fine tooth comb integrating my work, this new code I've got, and
the current snapshot I might as well make the extra effort to get it
"right". I would like to define a new M68K type similar to say
M68K_HAS_SEPARATE_STACKS called M68K_COLDFIRE_ARCH which is significantly
more generic. Is this going to upset anyone?


David Fiddes, CALM Software Production Officer
Department of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
email D.J.Fiddes at hw.ac.uk - Tel: +44 131-451-3251