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CPU32 problems resolved.

Hello all...

I've finally build RTEMS 2/19 and was able to get Hello World to 
run without difficulty..  The change I needed to make was to 
edit the egcs-1.0.2/gcc/config/m68k/t-m68kbare file and change
the MULTILIB stuff to:

MULTILIB_OPTIONS = mcpu32 msoft-float

As is currently setup, one of the exceptions is mcpu32/msoft-float.
>From my experience here, mcpu32 alone includes some floating 
point instructions and msoft-float alone includes the dreaded
bit-field operations.

One big complaint I have is that I could not do:

make MULTILIB_OPTIONS="mcpu32 msoft-float" ...

  Perhaps I was doing this wrong or something, but it never worked.
I went into this assuming that all the CPU32 crap was fixed.
Apparently not.

Joel -- Any idea when egcs-1.0.2 moves from the prerelease to release?


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