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problems while installing Cygwin 32 patched version of rtems


> On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, Geoffroy Montel wrote:
> > I'm using Cygwin 32 b19
> > I got the latest snapshot of RTEMS and installed Dave's patches.
> > But it doesn't work for me:
> > ation of function `getopt'
> > gcc -O     -o o-gen68340/cklength at EXEEXT@ o-gen68340/cklength at EXEEXT@.o
> > gcc: o-gen68340/cklength at EXEEXT@.o: No such file or directory
> > gcc: No input files
> > make[3]: *** [o-gen68340/cklength at EXEEXT@] Error 1

Sorry. I forgot to say that you need to run autoconf otherwise teh changes
to aclocal.m4 don't percolate through to configure. What's happening is that
configure is not expanding the @EXEEXT@ in the build-tools/src/Makefile.in
because it is old and doesn't know what @EXEEXT@ is.

> Friday I merged a fairly large patch from Ralf which included David's
> cygwin patch.  When I left Saturday, it looked like all the targets were
> building under Linux OK.

Needless to say, Ralf's patch will be much better than my hack :)

> FYI since I want to start going into "bug fix only" mode to get the
> release out, I plan to try to build everything on Solaris and NT.  I will
> probably be asking for help on the NT front. :)

Sounds fun. In theory all cross development targets should just work (both
toolkits and RTEMS). I'm willing to try something other than m68k-rtems esp
now I've shed my 3rd job and I'm back to being a regular day-job, night-job

> > Another question (which has nothing to do with the previous one):
> > does a RTEMS logo exist???
> Not anything as cool as the Linux penguin. :)

Tut tut.. you should be working on your corporate identity rather than cool
code ;)


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