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rtems-980618 / posix's limits.h

Joel Sherrill wrote:

> This is a common problem.  It usually indicates that you are using the
> default gcc limits.h -- not the one installed after the C library is
> available.

Yep, it is limits.h from newlib.

>  Here is the section from the "bit" script which attempts to do
> this:

I did a full rebuilt from snapshot's of egcs, gas, newlib (1.8.0) without using
"one-egcs" (my script doesn't work anymore for gas/egcs snapshots, because of
internationalization and egcs' Makefile probs) or "bit".

I have never used "bit" before, hence I am quite surprised that building rtems
has been working for me all the time until now. I suppose something in rtems must
have changed (presumably posix/base/Makefile, there is a comment mentioning
limits.h somewhere).

> # Regenerate (1) limits.h now that we have that the include_next will
> work,
> #   and (2) libgcc.a now that we have a C Library installed
>     cd gcc
>     rm -f xlimits.h stmp-multilib
>     find . -name "*.a" -print | xargs -e rm -f
>     gmake CC=gcc CFLAGS="-O2" LANGUAGES="c c++" all install
>     check_fatal $?  "**** FAILED **** libgcc.a/limits.h rebuild step"
> Perhaps this does not work with a newer gcc snapshot.  Or you built the
> toolset without bit and left this step out.

I didn't even know about this step.


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