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inline asm function and code size

readding the c/src/exec/score/cpu/i386/i386.h I have noticed
that many functions are in fact inline asm function. I'm fan
of such functions but was wondering about the usefullness
of inlining some of theses (e.g for example i386_get_cs) 
when no critical performance impact has to be considered and 
that the final size of the excutable becomes the most 
important criteria...

Has someone already checked that :
	- all these functions are "time critical",
	- if not generate less code than the simple
	call instruction?

I'm pretty sure the question has been already raised and 
anwsered but was'nt listening at that time...

In any case having two version in case the code size
generated is bigger but there is still a need for a 
fast version could be an optimum solution.

Comments please,

Have a nice day,