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sizing RTEMS workspace

Geoffroy Montel <g_montel at yahoo.com> wrote:

>  So the the RTEMS RAM Workspace is put in the RAM section
>  after the ".text" section, the heap and the stack.

The `ram' segment in the default gen68360 linkcmds script contains:
	text (and C++ constructors/destructors/etc.)
	bss  (and exception vector table, etc.)
The workspace is set up after the stack.

>  OK. So I need to increase the Heap size.

Yes.  The networking example programs show how to do this.  The  
following line added to your application Makefile will set up a 1  
Mbyte heap (assuming your BSP works like the gen68360 linkcmds).

CFLAGS_LD +=  -Wl,--defsym -Wl,HeapSize=0x100000

>  Just to be sure: partitions and regions are only used if
>  the programmer explicitly create them, aren't they? No
>  partition nor regions are allocated by malloc or new ?


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