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pc386 diskboot.exe problems

Hello RTEMS folks

I have compiled RTEMS pc386 with two different targets, the compiles
seem OK and the resulting 'exe' files have appropriate lengths.

With the 'i386-rtems' target, the 'diskboot.exe' program just outputs
a '.' and hangs. even a second 'return' doesnt get it goint.

With the 'i386-elf32-rtems' target, the 'diskboot.exe' program outputs
a long series of messages in portugese:

	MODO 0 - Magic number nao encontrado. .

followed by

	MODO 0 - Magic number nao encontrado. blocos lidos: 157
       Kernel entry point 2E67:0000

My translation from the portugese is: Magic number not found

I am using the following development environment:

	gcc- with crossgcc patches
	newlib-1.8.0 with rtems patches

I do not have the source for 'diskboot.exe', so it is hard to track
down the problem. I will try the 'netboot' package next.

Cheers and Happy New Year

 Dr George D Detlefsen,
 InterLinear Technology,                phone:  1-(510)-522-5077
 1420 Harbor Bay Pkwy # 281             fax:    1-(510)-522-1228
 Alameda CA 94502-6556 USA              email:  drgeorge at ilt.com
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